Becoming an Elder

Interesting. I just did a search on Amazon for “becoming an Elder”. A few dozen books about Church Elders popped up and exactly one book about Eldership that wasn’t Religious. It’s based on astrology and written for women.  I bought it. Yesterday my friend Misty and I sat talking, drinking buckets of hot tea and [...]

I Have So Many Questions…

I badly want to do video interviews with certain people right now. Top of my list is the Walmart Angels standing guard at either end of the toilet paper aisle. I’d definitely start with the dude I saw this morning and almost hugged, out of pure joy to see all those cheerfully chubby, brightly comforting [...]

Musings from my Corona

Life Continues to Happen Last week I came home through an empty airport. The few scattered about seemed jovial, scared, unconcerned, nervous. Empty train cars took me to empty transports. My Lyft driver, arriving in 5 minutes, said that downtown Denver was empty; his night was extremely slow.  After a wonderful week of writing, recording [...]

The Feast of Life

Who am I? Why am I here?  The universal human questions and quest. They lurk beneath our thoughts, behaviors, and motivations, moving restlessly as they swim to the surface of our awareness.   Consciously and unconsciously we seek answers through religion, science, philosophy, education, experience, each other. To feel like we don't have the answer can [...]

Warning Labels and Dirty Guesses

Perhaps you find yourself in need of a new holiday tradition?  My kids outgrew Santa awhile ago—and they didn’t care that I hadn’t yet. They just imperiously announced, with a touch of sarcasm, that of course they knew Santa wasn’t “real”. Duh. In retaliation I announced that they would’ve made the naughty list for the [...]