Announcing the Pre-Release for our newest Book; “Doorways of Death; the Great Continuing… “

New Earth Healing presents; the Soul’s perspective on death and dying.

We’re overdue for an overhaul of death beliefs. How free would humanity be without the worldwide death fears that have crippled and caged us for so long? 

What our OverSouls, Higher Beings and Masters have to say about Death has the power to change how we live. May this comforting, profound and even humorous wisdom from the other side of death’s doorways, inspire us to celebrate transitions and anticipate The Great Continuing.

Topics include; what it feels like to die, grief, group death events, murder, what happens between lifetimes, suicide, talking to loved ones who have passed on, abortion, ”accidental” deaths, ghosts and the “disincarnated”,

…and lots more. 

Free DOwnload Link

Our book is becoming available at more online bookstores every day. If your favorite bookstore/format isn’t available yet, check back soon. Official book cover coming soon!

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