Spiral Path Therapies

We offer a range of Quantum Healing services to help you understand who you are, and achieve your highest and best life. Get in touch below.


From connecting with your Higher Self and Guides, to past life regression, a QHHT or BQH session addresses your biggest questions, and the roots of your blocks in life.

Professional Surrogate Sessions also available. To learn more, go here; https://www.quantumhealers.com/surrogate-qh-sessions-with-donna-diana

Spiritual Guidance

Need help navigating a so-called “paranormal” experience? Want a higher “soul perspective” on relationships, anxiety, or current events? Diana and Donna both offer Spiritual Guidance sessions. Online, phone, or in-person.

Connect with Diana here; https://www.quantumhealers.com/diana-adair

Connect with Donna here;https://www.quantumhealers.com/donnamcmurtry

Group Workshops

Would you like to host a Group Event with some of your friends or coworkers? Maybe a day-long healing retreat? We have lots to offer including group past life regression, looking at your Akashic Records, future life progression, and meeting your Spirit Guide. Get in touch here, by sending us a message with what type of group event you’d like to create; https://www.quantumhealers.com/surrogate-qh-sessions-with-donna-diana

Let’s heal and learn together.