Announcing the Pre-Release of our newest Book; “Doorways of Death; the Great Continuing… “

New Earth Healing presents; the Soul’s perspective on death and dying.

We’re overdue for an overhaul of death beliefs. How free would humanity be without the worldwide death fears that have crippled and caged us for so long? 

What our OverSouls, Higher Beings and Masters have to say about Death has the power to change how we live. May this comforting, profound and even humorous wisdom from the other side of death’s doorways, inspire us to celebrate transitions and anticipate The Great Continuing.

Topics include; what it feels like to die, grief, group death events, murder, what happens between lifetimes, suicide, talking to loved ones who have passed on, abortion, ”accidental” deaths, ghosts and the “disincarnated”,

…and lots more. 

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New Earth Healing


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So you want to know who this mysteriously talented “DD Adair” is?

It stands for Diana and Donna Adair. We are sisters, co-authors, friends and coworkers. In the past we’ve been next door neighbors, presidents of our girls-only biker gang (everybody got to be president), and co-owners of our first car; a white 1984 Camero with a red pleather interior, and a home-strung electrical system. That baby got at least 8 miles to the gallon and only blew a fuse every 20 miles or so.

The Camping Version (at Navajo Lake NM) Selfie

Diana lives in a tiny home she designed and helped build, on 40 acres of Rocky Mountain glory. She loves dogs, trail running, and travel.

Donna lives 20 minutes higher in the same Rocky Mountains, with her husband, dogs and two mostly grown sons. She loves cooking, hiking and travel.

We have some things in common; 2 parents, 3 (more) siblings, meditating, and a love of excellent writing. We trained together in quantum healing, both worked at the Summit of Pikes Peak and Western Pacific Airlines and Outback Steakhouse, and Dr. Smith’s office…. actually, it’d be quicker to talk about what we don’t have in common.

Diana ran the Pikes Peak Marathon five times, and also marathons on three continents. She’s been a Massage Therapist, Cranial Sacral Therapist and now co-teaches classes. She’s lived in Thailand for 6 weeks, and Alaska for 5 years—where she did float-trips and backpacked a lot despite seeing three dozen bears on each trip and not carrying any weapons. Ever. “Oh, we just go around them” was the standard reply, when an anonymous understandably-worried sister offered to send guns.

Third PP Marathon, running as Wonder Woman

Donna has perfected three gluten free cookie recipes. She’s life-coached homeless mothers, managed tax offices, and worked in law enforcement with evidence and investigations. She’s lived in the same house for the last 22 years and taught both of her sons—and most of their friends—how to ride, just as soon as they could touch the ground on a 50cc motorcycle. Married continuously to the same Firefighter for 25 years, (who has recently trained as a massage therapist), she has recently decided to re-up for the next 25 years.

The Golden Age Series, a trilogy set in Atlantis, was published at the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019. We are plotting two more series set in other “lost” periods or places, and are busy researching them.

If all goes well, we hope to publish our first nonfiction book by March 2020. Based on our Quantum Healing practice, it focuses on self-healing and chronicles the wisdom that was given in many of our client sessions.

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