Spiritual Streetsmarts; Telepathy

What purpose can telepathy serve right now?

The short answer: A “new” deeper connection in a love-starved world. (Describing us as “love-starved” reminds me of a Hafiz poem; The fish who is thirsty, needs serious professional counseling.”)

We are hurtling towards all sorts of expanded connections during this rapid metamorphosis. Because telepathy is already available, conscious training will be increasingly useful. Similar expanding connections are dream-walking, bi-locating and astral travel.

For years we’ve been tip-toeing into telepathic concepts; lightning-speed communication networks, using symbols of feelings (emojis) and gifs instead of precise words, and figuring out healthy limits of being accessible to each other at all times. 

Communicating with spoken and written words, like I’m doing here, is very analog and mind-based.

As human consciousness fell out of sync with each other, we had to create languages (reference the “Tower of Babel” story in ancient texts). Spoken language—suspiciously close to “languish”—is slow, tedious and ineffective compared to what our minds are capable of. How many times have you said “I can’t really put this into words”? 

Once upon a time, sound—and combining sounds into words, aka “spelling”—physically interacted with all elements and energies. Our world was sung into existence. 

During our deep dive into density, we stopped sensing our subtle connection to all things. We began to speak (spell) more, trying to share our suddenly private, isolated worlds, and trying to reconnect. We also confused using spells to create, and began exerting our will on others. 

Telepathy is quantum communication; instant sharing of feelings, experiences, ideas and concepts. Using this subtle quantum connection, we communicate much more than words. 

Once again, we can sense these subtle connections on both the microcosmic and macrocosmic scale. Nature has always communicated via quantum relationships. So have we; but now our consciousness is tuning back into it.

All that being said, I do love beautiful words. Being a writer, I have a glittering love affair with language. I don’t know if we’ll do away with it, or just add this new/old intimate type of communication that expresses what words cannot. Perhaps we’ll return to using language mostly to create.

How is Telepathy different from Clairsentience or Channeling?

There is overlap. Primarily, clairsentience is the ability to extract and interpret gnosis. Clairsentience is ‘clear knowing’.

Telepathy, (from Ancient Greek), means tele- ‘distant’, and páthos/pátheia- ‘feeling, perception, passion, affliction, experience’. A dictionary definition; “the vicarious transmission of information from one person’s mind to another’s without using any known human sensory channels or physical interaction.” Telepathy is human mind to mind communication, without speaking.

Channeling usually means conscious communication with a non-human Consciousness. Though we certainly channel those who have been human. 

Humans have far to go to be in intentional telepathic communication, and yet… in many ways we’re already there. Everyone has this ability and it’s racing out of dormancy, but most people don’t recognize it. We assume our thoughts and ideas are ours alone.

Common ideas of telepathy—courtesy of movies—involves two people staring at each other while they hear the other person speak inside their head; “Voice of God” type of stuff.

In my experience, telepathy tends to be shared ideas more than words; entire packets of information thoughts—which we habitually turn into words. We have quite the word habit. Some Beings in sessions or channelings do transmit words. Lots of them don’t; they share a knowing, or they deliver an entire concept that we feel or see—and then try to put accurate words to. 

Unconscious telepathy looks like; I suddenly get an urge and text my husband, “I think I’ll make scones, what kind would you like?” (he’s a scone guy). He’ll text back “I was just thinking of scones!” This picking up on each other’s thoughts or ideas happens constantly, particularly with those we’re the most safe and open with. 

How can we awaken and strengthen telepathic senses?

Telepathy involves an openness, or level of intimacy that we humans don’t experience much. Matt Kahn nails it; “We as a society desire intimacy and at the same time, are petrified of intimacy.” 

Until we (as an individual) heal and connect to our I Am-ness, we might not feel safe with the level of vulnerability that telepathy requires. 

If you communicate with angels, God, nature, animals or other non-human consciousnesses, you are already flexing your telepathic muscles. The trick in using it with humans is to overcome our fear of being seen or known—which is really the fear of being condemned. Unconditionally accepting others (not condemning) makes you safe to others. Other helpful skills; honing the ability to tune into different frequencies, and discerning what is mine/not mine.  

Highly empathic people (have you noticed there’s more and more?) are more easily in touch with telepathic abilities, but we have to transmute the victim mindset and learn boundaries to effectively use it. Empathy is part of human design; everyone will experience it as they become more aware. Raising in frequency, being our unique I Am expression along with being human, keeps us anchored in our own core energies, so we stop entraining to the energies of others. 

Quantum Healing Sessions opened up my telepathic senses. Sessions and channeling lets us practice in safe environments with loving Beings. I also explore it in meditation, breathing and nature. Connecting and conversing with trees, rocks, the Sun, our own body, and other forms of consciousness is super great training. 

Practicing with another human can be lots of fun. Start with the intention to connect, then play with sending each other images, feelings and words. See what’s easiest for each of you to pick up on. Use texting to connect across any distance and check your accuracy in receiving and sending. This also teaches you to discern what your mind is generating, and what’s coming from another mind. 

I begin any telepathic conversation like I would irl; initial contact/greeting and some version of “may we talk?”  

One of my favorite telepathic learnings was with the Terra Beings (aka Sasquatch) while I was hiking. They are completely telepathic, although they can make sounds to mimic humans or animals. We were using words at first; they’d ask a question, which I received as words in my mind. The answers needed to contain so much data, I got frustrated with analog language and asked if they could just connect to my mind for the answers. For example, they asked why humans eat things that are not good for us? And why don’t we heal ourselves? Those answers could take days to accurately convey! They truly do not understand why humans do so many odd things and don’t use our basic abilities. They are super curious to understand us. I opened my mind to them because it felt entirely safe and loving to do so. This “fuller” version of telepathy was different than just exchanging silent words in a shared space of awareness. It was like inviting them to sit down at the internet screen of my mind. They still asked their questions. I’d then show them the answers I held, a human viewpoint. It’s actually pretty hard to describe that “conversation” because it was a mash-up of images, feelings and concepts. It involved few words and was ever so much faster and accurate. Whole databanks of experiences and knowledge streamed from me to them, some of it I’d forgotten about. 

We know that Earth, and everything on it, is moving into a 5th Dimension perspective. 5th Dimension has a higher degree of heart focus, which includes coming from center (understanding all sides), balance, orienting more to the whole instead of the parts, and having a higher octave of physical experiences. Part of this heart-based, higher octave experience is the expansive connection of telepathy.

In part 2 of “Spiritual Streetsmarts; Telepathy”, I’ll share answers to some questions I asked the SC, like; how they define telepathy, how boundaries work with telepathy, and more.  

Have you had fun (or even not-so-fun) experiments or experiences with telepathic or other “quantum” types of connecting?

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